Petrophysical Services

Petrophysical Services

BLC provides a full range of petrophysical services. The technical support we offer varies from short single well evaluations to fully integrated multi-well petrophysical studies.

The following topics are typically addressed:

  • Quantitative log evaluation.
  • Permeability modeling.
  • Pressure data analysis.
  • Borehole Image Interpretation.
  • Operational support Petrophysics.
  • Software – Our IP, PowerLog, GeoLog and Techlog.
  • Log Processing / Interpretation.
  • Well-to-Seismic Calibration.
  • Borehole Image Interpretation (FMS, FMI).
  • Facies-Dependent Porosity-Permeability Relationship.
  • PLT Interpretation.
  • Time-Lapse Saturation Interpretation.
  • VP / Vs Interpretation.
  • Neural Net Training for Pseudo-Log Prediction.

We provide you with processing and interpretation of all the studies made and data available with full integration of any results from other petrophysical and geological studies.

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